The Sabbatical is Over

Okay, I’m back.  I’ve had a lot of things going on lately (mainly the 2009-2010 hunting season) and the Blog has taken a back seat.  Stay tuned, I have a lot of back posting to do from the past several months…




“Chocolate” – Oil Pastel, 2009 – by Chris Lucas

AT Backpacking Trip

Okay…finally back from my blog sabbatical!  I did make my Appalachian Trail hike in late August. 

We hiked from Hot Springs, NC to Devils Fork Gap (approx. 35 miles).  3 days, 2 nights.  We climbed several peaks close to 5,000 ft. high.  I cannot describe how discouraging it is to be COMPLETELY exhausted and look up only to see a never-ending trail UP.  Unfortunately, it also rained off and on the entire trip.  On top of that, I developed a nasty infection in both legs, and the mice got in my backpack on the second night.

It may not sound like a lot of fun, but it actually was.  I think you sometimes need to experience adversity “recreationally” just to be able to handle it when it’s for real.  Overall, it was very challenging, but a lot of fun.  I’ll do it again, but will definitely be in better shape next time.




Appalachian Training

I finally have my Appalachian Trail hike planned and on the calendar!  Going with a friend from church and we’ll be doing a four-day backpack in North Carolina (Cherokee and Pisgah National Forests).  So….the training is upon me!  I need to be ready to do 10+ miles per day.  On one of the days we’ll be climbing over 2,000 ft. 

I went to Oak Mountain State Park yesterday and did an 8-mile loop with the pack on.  Good workout…  Also, doing hills in the neighborhood most mornings.  Can’t wait for the trip!

Ole’ Time Fishing

Andrew and I were able to get down to the Chilton Co. end of Lay Lake to fish with my cousin Josh.  The quarry of the day…..Bream!  We took the boat out and fished many of the spots Josh and I fished as kids growing up and going to my grandparent’s place of Lay Lake.  Not only was it a lot of fun, it also brought back a lot of fond memories.

I can remember when me and my cousins would go bream fishing with my grandmother.  Granny would sit on the bank, or in the boat and pull in bream with her cane pole as fast as she could bait it and put it in the water.  Good times…

And bream fishing…now that’s fun!  They’re small, but a lot of fun to catch.  Plus, it’s definitely a fun form of fishing for Andrew.




My New Boat

The new boat has finally arrived!!!!  I had to “special order” this one back in February.  It was supposed to arrive on April 22, but was a month late (that was a HORRIBLE wait).  Gonna be doing a lot of fishing this summer….and DUCK SEASON….can’t wait!

Lowe Roughneck R1760CC

Center Console

Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Paint

60 HP Mercury 4-stroke

Motorguide FW54FB trolling motor

Avery Duck Blind (on order)


The Duck Commander hits the “nail on the head” in this video.  Here, he quotes Scripture that suggests God has given all of us animals (for food if needed).  I believe this.  While I do not believe in killing any animal that will not be eaten (or used in some kind of productive way), I do believe it is firmly within God’s authority to kill animals for food.